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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Learning DJing Online: Tips and Resources for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Learning DJing Online: Tips and Resources for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Learning DJing Online: Tips and Resources for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Learning DJing Online: Tips and Resources for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Learning DJing Online: Tips and Resources for Beginners

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Are you curious about spinning tracks and pumping up crowds but don't know where to start? DJing is more than just playing songs; it's an art that blends creativity with technical skill.

This guide will light the path for your online DJ journey, offering the best resources and expert tips tailored for beginners. Ready to unleash your inner DJ? Let this be your starting beat!

Key Takeaways

  • Online DJ courses offer a flexible way to learn, letting you study whenever and wherever it suits you best.
  • Different courses are available for all skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced DJs who want to get better.
  • When picking a DJ course, think about what skills you already have, the things you want to learn, and how much money you can spend.
  • Direct access to expert tutors in online courses means getting personal help and feedback on your DJing progress.
  • Learning online covers various skills like mixing music, using DJ software and hardware, understanding the business side of DJing, and more.

The Art and Business of DJing

A DJ performing at a crowded, lively club with dancing fans.

DJing is more than just mixing music; it's a craft that requires fundamental knowledge of music theory, understanding the ins and outs of different DJ equipment, and mastering essential DJ skills.

Additionally, gaining insight into the professional world of DJing is crucial for anyone looking to embark on this career path.


DJ Fundamentals

To become a DJ, you need to learn some key skills. These include mixing songsmaking smooth transitions between tracks, and adding cool effects to make the music exciting. Knowing how to use DJ gear like mixers and turntables is important too.

You start with basic techniques but then work your way up to more complex tricks as you get better.

Learning these essentials is like building blocks for your career as a disc jockey, whether you're playing at parties or big festivals. It's about choosing the right tunes and knowing when to play them—that's what being a good selector is all about.

Plus, you've got to understand how to set up your equipment so it sounds amazing on any sound system.

Understanding the Life of a Professional DJ

A professional DJ's life is thrilling and full of energy. They mix music and make people dance, creating a vibe that keeps the party going. Their work involves more than just playing songs; they need to know their audience and choose the right tracks to keep everyone excited.

DJs also use effects and techniques to blend tunes seamlessly, showing off their creative skills.

Understanding this career means recognizing both the art and business sides of DJing. A successful DJ not only entertains but also understands marketing themselves, networking with others in the industry, and handling gigs—from small parties to big festivals.

Knowing how to manage all these aspects can turn a passion for music into a full-time job where every day offers new challenges and chances to inspire people with great beats.

Best Online Courses for Learning DJing

A DJ in a studio with turntables and headphones.

Explore some of the top online DJ courses available, including those offered by Point Blank Music SchoolDigital DJ TipsClub Ready DJ SchoolPete Tong DJ Academy, Crossfader, and more.

These platforms offer a range of comprehensive tutorials and resources for aspiring DJs to hone their skills and knowledge in the art of music mixing and electronic music production.


Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School stands out as a top-notch place to learn DJing online. It welcomes all, from beginners to pros, and has been named the "Best Music Production and DJ School" by DJ Mag.

Their "Essential DJ Skills" course lasts for 10 weeks and is perfect for those dreaming of becoming DJs. You get to dig into music mixing, master DJ techniques, and understand how to use DJ effects.

What's more, this school isn’t just about watching videos in your inbox or on YouTube. They give you special times to work with teachers one-on-one and open lab time so you can practice more.

Students at Point Blank can earn real academic credits as they learn—their courses are recognized around the world! Over 50,000 students have already learned the secrets of the music industry here at Point Blank.

Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips stands out as the world's largest online DJ school, offering an array of courses catering to beginners and experienced DJs alike. With over 37,000 students from 168 countries enrolled in their programs, they provide access to renowned instructors such as James Hype, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Laidback Luke.

The platform features a total of 27 courses encompassing diverse topics, including "The Complete DJ Course" and "The Complete Guide to Rekordbox." Moreover, Digital DJ Tips offers resources specifically tailored for novice DJs through YouTube videos and paid courses.

Ready to embark on your journey into the world of digital music mixing? Let Digital DJ Tips be your guide!

Club-Ready DJ School

Club Ready DJ School stands out as a leading and affordable option for online DJ courses. With over 50 step-by-step instructional videos, the school caters to individuals of all ages, from 8 to 80, who are eager to learn the art of DJing.

The course is not only comprehensive but also flexible, offering both beginners and professional DJs a chance to enhance their skills at their own pace. For those new to DJing, the school offers a tailored beginner course that provides an excellent foundation for mastering the craft.

Furthermore, Club Ready DJ School's affordability and accessibility make it an appealing choice for anyone looking to embark on their journey into the world of disc jockeying.

Pete Tong DJ Academy

Pete Tong DJ Academy, founded in April 2022, stands out as one of the newest-to-market DJ courses. With a faculty featuring renowned professional DJs such as Pete Tong, Carl Cox, and Jamie Jones, the academy offers a comprehensive DJ course tailored for beginner students seeking to navigate the world of disc jockeying.

Boasting an impressive track record of over 30,000 beginner DJ students globally, Pete Tong DJ Academy provides not only extensive training but also opportunities to play radio shows and partner clubs, making it an ideal choice for those dreaming to thrive in the vibrant community of young mobile DJs.

Moreover, beyond solely focusing on DJ skills development, Pete Tong DJ Academy distinguishes itself by offering music production courses alongside its dedicated training in disc jockeying.


Crossfader is renowned for providing some of the best online courses for learning DJing. They offer comprehensive tutorials on how to DJ with specific software and hardware, focusing on equipment such as Serato DJ, Rekordbox, and Traktor.

Moreover, they provide step-by-step guidance aimed at beginners and even a free guide on how to DJ with a laptop.

Moreover, Crossfader's association offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring DJs to gain in-depth knowledge from the comfort of their homes. With its focus on offering practical skills and techniques through online resources, it provides an accessible platform for individuals seeking to enter the world of disc jockeys or enhance their existing abilities within the DJ community.

DJ Courses Online

Looking to learn DJing online? You have plenty of options. Skillshare offers the Complete DJ Course for Beginners, a great starting point. Digital DJ Tips is another popular choice, with comprehensive courses for both newbies and experienced DJs, boasting over 37,000 students across 168 countries.

With these resources, you can master the fundamentals of turntablism and different DJ setups while understanding music structure and various techniques.

Ready to kickstart your DJ career? Explore these top-notch online courses, which provide flexibility and in-depth guidance to help you become a skilled DJ.


Skillshare stands out as an excellent platform for learning DJing, offering comprehensive courses suitable for both beginners and experienced DJs. With a focus on accessibility, the platform provides entry-level courses tailored to individuals just starting their journey into the world of DJing.

These courses cover a wide range of topics, including the basics of DJing with just a laptop and more advanced concepts like live setup and soundcheck. Skillshare's step-by-step approach makes it easy for learners to follow along, ensuring that they can grasp each concept effectively.

Moreover, their recognition as part of the 10 best online music production courses in 2023 underscores the quality and relevance of their offerings within the industry, making Skillshare one of the top choices for anyone interested in mastering the art of DJing.

Advantages of Online DJ Courses

Online DJ courses offer the advantages of flexibility and convenience, direct access to experienced tutors, and a wide range of skills taught. Ready to take your DJing skills to the next level? Keep reading for tips on choosing the right course for you.


Flexibility and Convenience

Online DJ courses offer the flexibility and convenience that traditional in-person classes may not provide. With online courses, you can learn at your own pace and fit lessons into your schedule without having to travel to a physical location.

This flexibility makes it easier for beginners to access resources and find the right course that aligns with their learning style and preferences.

Moreover, individuals seeking to enhance their DJing skills can benefit from the convenience of accessing course materials whenever and wherever they want. This accessibility allows learners to practice and review content as many times as needed, ultimately enhancing their understanding of DJ fundamentals and techniques.

Direct Tutor Access

Get personalized guidance and feedback from experienced instructors with direct tutor access when learning DJing online. This allows you to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive tailored advice, enhancing your understanding of technical skills, music theory, and performance techniques.

The availability of direct tutor access offers a more interactive and engaging learning experience for beginner DJs. Access to experienced tutors can give you the confidence and support needed to develop your skills in DJing, making it an essential aspect of online DJ courses.

Access to direct tutors greatly enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of online DJ courses by providing deeper insights into the art and business of DJing. Beginner DJs gain valuable mentorship that helps them navigate their learning journey with ease while also gaining crucial industry knowledge through this interaction.

Variety of DJ Skills Taught

These online DJ courses cover a wide range of skills, from beatmatching and mixing to using effects and controllers. Students can also learn about music theorycreating sets, reading crowds, and managing gigs.

Recording techniques, mastering tracks, and understanding different genres are also among the many skills taught in these comprehensive courses. Additionally, students can delve into the business side of DJing with modules on branding, marketing, networking, and navigating contracts within the music industry.

The list of online DJ courses includes options that offer guidance on using software like Serato or Traktor, along with instruction on scratching techniques and turntablism. Many courses also provide insights into using various hardware setups, including CDJs or controllers, for live performances.

Tips for Choosing the Right DJ Course

Consider your current skill level and what you hope to achieve with the course. Assess the content and structure of each course, as well as the associated costs, to find the best fit for your learning style and budget.

Consider Your Skill Level

Assess your current skill level before choosing an online DJ course. Some courses are designed for beginners, while others cater to more advanced DJs. Understanding where you stand will help you select the right course and make the most of your learning experience.

When selecting a DJ course, think about your existing knowledge and skills in DJing. This will guide you in finding a course that matches your proficiency level, ensuring that you can grasp the concepts effectively and progress at a comfortable pace.

Assess Course Content and Structure

Check the course content to ensure it covers the basics like equipment setupmusic genres, and mixing techniques. Look for a well-organized structure with clear modules and learning objectives.

Additionally, consider if the course offers practical assignments or projects to apply what you learn in real DJing scenarios.

Verify that the course provides access to support resources such as sample tracks, software demos, or downloadable materials. Look for courses that offer a mix of video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and live Q&A sessions for a comprehensive learning experience.

Check the Costs

When choosing an online DJ course, it's crucial to consider the costs involved. The price of these courses can vary significantly, ranging from around $50 for basic classes to over $1,000 for comprehensive programs.

It's important to assess your budget and determine what you're willing to invest in your DJing education. Keep in mind that while there are free options availablepaid courses often provide access to more extensive resources and personalized instruction tailored to your specific skill level and goals.

Understanding the cost implications of enrolling in an online DJ course is essential for making an informed decision. Different programs offer various features at different price points – ultimately, weighing the benefits against the expenses is key when selecting the right course for your needs and aspirations in the world of DJing tutorials.


In conclusion, mastering the art of DJing is within reach for beginners through online courses and resources. With dedication and the right guidance, anyone can embark on this exciting journey.

So start exploring the recommended online courseshone your skills, and get ready to rock the dance floor with your unique beats! Remember, passion drives success in DJing, so keep practicing and never stop learning.

Let the music play as you navigate your way from beginner to expert in the fast-paced world of DJing.

If you're curious about the day-to-day experiences and challenges that come with this electrifying profession, dive deeper into the life of a professional DJ.


1. Where can I find DJ tutorials for beginners?

You can look online for a variety of DJ tutorials designed just for starters. Websites and video platforms offer step-by-step guides that make learning easy and fun.

2. What should I focus on as a beginner in DJing?

Start with the basics! Learn about beat matching, mixing songs, and setting up your equipment. As you get more skilled, you can explore creating your own beats and playing with effects.

3. Do online resources help me learn how to use DJ software?

Yes, they do! Many websites explain how to use different DJ software. They show you what each button does and how to mix tracks smoothly.

4. Can watching videos teach me everything about being a DJ?

Videos are super helpful because they show you exactly what to do, but practice is key! The more you work on your skills, the better a DJ you'll become.

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